Tubing fittings

Check Valve


Machined aluminum check valve with Viton seal.  Unaffected by muffler heat. Install check valves just before each smoke nozzle for crisp on & off switching of smoke.  Safety wire ties are included.

Tee Fitting


Nickel plated brass tee fitting for twin cylinder applications & dual nozzles fed from single  supply line from pump.

Safety wire ties are included

4 Way Cross


Nickel plated brass 4 way cross used in conjunction with a tee fitting for quad cylinder setups with 4 smoke nozzles fed from a single supply line.

Safety wire ties are included.

Straight Line Coupler


Nickel plated brass straight line coupler connector.  Great for switching between F-4040 & F-5500 along a tubing run.  Safety wire ties are included.

Line Reducer Adapter 2/pkg


Transiton from 5/32" tubing from some smoke pumps to 1/8" tubing with these.  Machined from aluminum.  Sold 2 per package.  Safety wire ties are included.

Safety Wire Ties 10 pack


Additional safety wire ties for securing remaining tubing connections inside & outside tans and pump. Stainless steel wire ties provide equal tension around tubing compared to conventional zip-ties.  Wire ties will not get brittle and are unaffected by smoke oil, fuel and heat.  Excellent for use inside tanks or any line fitting.  Sold as packaged of 10 ties.  Each tie is approximately 3" in length.