What customers have to say.

“I use the Bad Dog smoke injector on my Moki 180.  First class engineering.  You can’t go wrong with Bad Dog Smoke!”

Chuck G. 

"What a great guy to deal with. I bought a pair of Harlan's smoke nozzles and couldn't be happier. You can look at them and you'll see nothing but true quality. Both spray a nice even fan, look to last a long time, and aren't difficult to install. When you get your pump mixed right with your throttle you'll have a thick, fluffy, even cloud of smoke. And one big difference you'll notice is the amount of smoke oil you will use. They make a gallon last a whole lot longer. Thanks Bad Dog"

Gary B 


"After Trying a homemade nozzle on a 55cc engine I wasn't please with the smoke it put out.  So I searched Flying Giants and found bad dog smokes nozzles and ordered one to try and man am I glad I did.  I have had many guys ask me how I get the smoke fluffy and white and I tell them about the nozzle. I recently ordered another nozzle for a 35cc engine and am amazed at the output that it has for a smaller engine. The customer Service that the owner has is Outstanding! He goes above and beyond to help and guarantee is products!  I will be a Lifetime customer for sure."


"These work better than anything I have ever used including pre heating the oil before putting it into the tank"


"Saw them on a friends Yak this past weekend and they worked simply awesome.  Great smoke, long burn times and a LOT less clean up!!!"


"I have seen them work in person and they do pump out some serious clouds of smoke.  I ordered the nozzle on a Friday afternoon.  The nozzle as shipped Saturday and I received it in my mailbox on Monday morning.  Shipping is super fast.  The quality of the nozzle is top notch this is not some cheap made nozzle.  Also the customer service is top notch.  You can't go wrong ordering one of these"


"my ground tests really smoked up the backyard!!  (I can't believe how dry the grass and surrounding area was after my test runs.)  I won't be installing any smoke systems without these nozzles anytime soon!"


"I used mine to lay down a thick smokescreen to provide cover from some pissed off quad flyers. Of course, they were only pissed off because i had laid down a smokescreen where they were standing just moments before.  This smoke nozzle works great for both offence and defence" 


35cc  Extreme Flight Laser

35cc  Extreme Flight Laser