Drill & Tap set


Drill & tap set for installing smoke nozzles in mufflers.  10-32 tap and drill bit are included.

No-Weld drill bit


15/32" drill bit for installation of No-Weld kits into your header pipe.  

No-Weld nozzle delete kit


Nozzle delete kits allow removal of smoke nozzle without leaving a hole in your header pipe.  This  takes place of the smoke nozzle and is used in conjunction with the No-Weld kit to plug the hole in your header.   

Brass pressure tap

Brass pressure tap fitting

Brass pressure tap fitting. 1/8" tube x 10-32 thread. Upgrade your pressure fittings for excellent tubing grip or slip over 3/32" brass or soft copper tubing and solder in place to build a preheater coil. Tubing barbs are a great way to terminate  your remote connect brass smoke nozzle extension tube.

Spare lock nuts

Atomizing smoke oil injection nozzle for RC aircraft

Same lock-nuts included with your smoke nozzle.  Always replace the locking nut anytime the nozzle is removed for inspection or cleaning due to washer compression & thermal stresses from heat cycles.   It's never a bad idea to have a few spares on hand. 10-32 thread or M5 thread available.

Turbine tube nozzle tips

Atomizing turbine smoke tube nozzle tip.

Atomizing turbine smoke tube nozzle tips allow you to build your own turbine smoke tubes to your spec length.  Nozzle tips are 304 SST & ready for assembly.   Required tubing is 304 seamless tubing 3/16"OD x 0.028" wall available from McMaster Carr.   Smoke tube nozzle tips insert into tubing and you TIG weld, braze or silver solder to your tubing for a custom length smoke tube.  Turbine tube nozzle tips are available in standard orifice or high output orifice sizes.