Atomizing smoke oil injection nozzles for your Rc aircraft

The new smoke standard.


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new Moki Radial smoke solutions early & late model engines


Bolt on M5 metric smoke nozzle kits.  Or no-weld adapter kits designed specifically for early Moki radial ring mufflers without smoke port tap.  Installation is as simple as drilling a single hole and bolting on your smoke nozzle.

BIG SMOKE with less mess


Why atomize?

The reasons are clear, or should we say smoky?  A very small orifice size decreases smoke oil consumption and increases smoke ON time per tank.  Droplet size of fluid as it leaves the surface of the nozzle is extremely small which aids in faster vaporization of smoke fluid.  Expelled fluid velocity is slowed substantially aiding in more complete burning or smoke generation.  This minimizes inherent muffler cooling and unburnt blow-by resulting in an oil covered airframe.  Added features such as depth of spray, rotational direction adjustment & consistency in flow volume and spray pattern.  You will be asking yourself why am I  not atomizing? 


Smoke generation has evolved.

Competitor fittings jet a solid stream of fluid that are inefficient and messy due to unburnt oil residue.  Atomizing nozzles are engineered to deliver the proper amount of smoke fluid for impressive smoke, longer smoke times per tank, and virtually no unburnt oil mess.


Double or triple your smoke time versus traditional smoke fittings!

In a 30 second side by side bench test, competitor smoke fittings dispensed 900ml of fluid.  Atomizing nozzles dispensed only 300ml of fluid.  Nozzles will produce a fan spray pattern at pump pressures as low as 5 PSI. What does this mean?  CONFIDENCE!  When setup with a smoke pump to throttle curve mix, you get crisp throttle response and no engine bogging even from a 1/3 throttle hover inches above the ground to a WOT pullout that will make your plane disappear in a cloud of smoke.

Precision crafted components made with pride in the usa


Strict quality control assures consistent flow volume and pattern. Perfect for multi-cylinder applications.


No-Weld header adapter kits are the easiest way to add smoke to your header & canister exhaust system. Just drill a hole and bolt them on.


Laser welded atomizing smoke tube assemblies. Seamless 304 SST  tubing & nozzle tips. Your jet deserves the best! 

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